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About Ene-Art
 Enedina and (before he passed away in 2004)
Arturo Vásquez were a husband and wife team
who created an extraordinary range of colorful folk-
art. This artwork included nichos (niches), home
altars, tabletas, crosses, jewelry pieces, and a
variety of furniture.
Following a tradition of craftsmanship dating back
to the pre-conquest days of the New World, their
work found its place in approx. 30 galleries and
museum shops in the US and abroad. Major
exhibitions of their work have been held throughout
Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and California.
Their work has also been displayed at the Diego
Rivera Museum in Mexico City.
Before Arturo passed away, they contributed a life
size Day of the Dead altar the 5-year, multi-city
“Chicano Now” travelling exhibit sponsored by
Cheech Marin and Target Stores.
 Each Ene-Art product was entirely handmade,
and that makes each one a true individual. Arturo
cut and sanded each of the pieces while Enedina
added color and fanciful designs. Many of her
design ideas drew their inspiration from Mexico’s
Huichol Indians.
Enedina also incorporated antique holy cards and
iconic images from Mexico into the folk art pieces
and occasionally added tin milagritos (miracles).
In addition to the gallery and museum exposure,
Enedina and Arturo were featured on Public
Television and in newspapers and magazines
throughout Texas and the Southwestern US.
Each piece of Ene-Art folkart was