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Behind the scenes...
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Each fused glass art piece Enedina
makes is unique.

The process begins with the
arrangement of the glass pieces and
shards on a special paper mat. Once
the piece is arranged, Enedina
carefully places the piece in her kiln.

Slowly--over a period of about 3
hours--the kiln fires from room
temperature to about 1,425 degrees.

The glass melts just enough to fuse.
In fact, the glass gets red hot and
looses its color. The glass colors
return only after cooling.

The glass is allowed to completely
cool overnight (24 hrs is preferable).

Next, Enedina completes each piece
with ribbons and milagritos.
After each piece is fired, Enedina decorates
them with ribbons and milagritos.
A piece ready for firing. The glass rests on a kind
of paper that allows for a smooth-back finish and
protects the kiln.